Rules and conditions to become a member of the AETD

According to The Status and Regulations on Organization and Operation of AED, any natural or legal person who activates in the tourism field, protection and conservation of environment. As well as in other fields of connected activity that are consistent with the eco-tourism principles (education, local development, research, etc.) may apply for a membership within the Association.

As the following activities are not consistent with our principles, those who organize, promote and include in their touristic packages or in their activity field off-road (motorized tourism) or hunting activities, may not become a member of the AETD.

To get the membership status of the AETD, the applicants have to meet the following CRITERION:

  1. Own a legal/judicial functioning form (except the members who are a natural person);
  2. Do not perform activities with a negative effect on the environment;
  3. Do not keep wild animals in captivity;
  4. Include in their offer activities (optionally) of active tourism in nature;
  5. Accommodation (if the case) is displayed within or near the natural frame. In the case of urban pensions, they need to prove the focusing methods of the offers on natural areas; 
  6. Dining (if the case) is mainly based (at least 60 %) on natural and local products;
  7. Promote in their product and service offer the eco-touristic concept and image;
  8. Give the tourists the possibility of being acquainted with the natural and cultural heritage of the area along with the particularity of the offered products (dishes, traditional elements of interior design, activities in nature or traditional households, etc.) through at least one way of personal interpretation;             
  9. Through the exterior design and architectural appearance, the accommodation units fit into the natural frame (the scenery of the area) and obey the particularity of local traditions;
  10. Own proper marketing politics.

How do I become a member of the AETD?

To be granted the membership of the AETD, the following steps are required:

  1. Fill in the application form with accurate information concerning your activity. This can also be requested via our email:
  2. Ask for a recommendation from a member of the board of directors of The Association. If the case, you will be contacted for a brief evaluation of the appliance to the above criterion. 
  3. Send the application form to the contact address of the Association (via post mail, email or fax) or hand it into any member of the board of directors, along with a copy of your I.D. card or the functioning authorization.
  4. After you are being notified on the acceptance of your membership by The Board of Directors, you will pay the registration fee of 100 RON.