Baltagul Guesthouse** – Cozănești village

This guesthouse can be considered a real museum of tradition and culture. The majority of the equipment is handcrafted and wears the mark of the owner, a wood sculptor. Despite these, you won’t feel like in a “museum”, but rather in your grandparents’ house. Right in the middle of nature, far away from the rustle of the cars and the agitation Baltagul guesthouse calls you for deep relaxation. At the same time, the host will tell you the fantastic story of wood sculpturing, which has been passed to generations in his 50 years of specific experience.

Mihai Vleju is a local artist, manufacturer in wood and bone who designs his creations out of pieces of dry wood that he finds while wandering along the mountains paths. He says that the wood chooses to show up in his way in order to reveal the stories of the area.

Details and booking: +40 722 690 405 or +40 744 707 018
Capacity: 4 rooms