Călimani National Park

Călimani National Park protects on its territory valuable ecosystems and habitats, such as Molidae with Pinus mugo forests, Pinus mugo bushes with Pinus cembra, the meadows with rhododendron flowers, with Gentiana myrtifolium or viola flowers, and also Pottentilla iernata and Campanula alpine flowers, etc. Pinus Cembra can be found only in a few isolated places in Oriental and Meridional Carpathians. The park spreads on a surface of about 24000 hectares. The area within Tara Dornelor highlights itself through the presence of the giant volcanic caldera, with an average diameter of 10 km, being one of the biggest in Europe. The Călimani mountains are ones of the youngest and highest volcanic mountains in our country, the highest peak Pietrosul having a height of 2100m. The legend says that the well-known outlaw Pintea would have hidden his treasures here, in Calimani.

Reservations and interest points in Călimani:

  • The main ridge of the volcanic caldera with the main peaks of over 2000 m
  • The natural Reservation 12 Apostoli and The Thematic Path 12 Apostoli
  • The Scientific Reservation Molidae with  Pinus cembra
  • The Natural Reservation Iezer Lake (the upper part of the caldera)
  • ”Apa Rece” Monastery (near Lucaciu peak) with access from Poiana Negrii

The main access points for the trails:

  • Gura Haitii;
  • Vatra Dornei;
  • Poiana Negrii;
  • Șaru Dornei;
  • Poiana Stampei;
  • Dornișoara.

Allowed activities within Călimani National Park:

  • Trekking with the possibility of night sheltering only within specially designed places;
  • Equestrian tourism;
  • Cross-country skiing, accommodation/camping at the touristic cabin Reţitiş, near the weather station facility Rețitiș

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