The circular dance of the capercaillie

Another show: the circular dance of the capercaillie – One-day package (March-Mayay) 

Beginning from the second half of March through whole April, when the last spots of snowmelt in strings the forest comes again to life in a concert of thrills. The capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) or the “knight of the Molidae and fir forests” offers a magnificent performance show through its song, behaviour and the imposing body, during this period. Dressed up in “elegant clothes”, with its colourful feathers, it comes to secret places to mate.

Just before the sunrise, the males attract the females singing on branches, then they go down on the ground and spread their tails into a giant fan, this being the sign that the “circular mating dance” has begun.

We invite you to spend a day with a real ranger, going to circular mating dance places. You can admire and take photos of the show of the circular dance while finding out why Calimani National Park is unique in Europe. At the end of the observation, you will be guided on tour at the Visitors’ Center of Calimani National Park.

Place: Călimani National Park

  • Availability: 20 March- 01 May
  • Duration: about 7 h
  • Schedule: 

–        04:00 a.m. -setting off from din Vatra Dornei. During the journey, you will find out the rules that must be strictly obeyed while developing such activities.  

–        06.30 – 08:30 a.m. the circular dance of the capercaillie 

–        10:00 -10:30 a.m. feedback sharing over coffee or tea

–        10:30-11: 30 a.m. presenting the Visitors’ Center of Calimani National Park.

–        Noon Turning back to Vatra Dornei

–        A maximum of 2 people is required, as we do not want to disturb the wildlife of the animals in the area 

  • Necessary equipment: warm plain clothes, snow rackets, hiking boots, flashlight and raincoat. 
  • Included services: Specialized guide in interpreting nature, car transfer, visiting park fee, and refreshments. 

Price: 500 lei, no matter if there is one participant or two.

Notice: The organizing and developing of this type of activity can alter due to climatic factors.

Details and information: 0744 571 889