Along with the bike, the bike is the most economical and ecological means of transportation that offers the possibility of admiring the scenery of Tara Dornelor and the peaks of Bistriței, Giumalău and Rarău mountains, getting you involved in the activity. As to remember the old times of rafting, they organize sailing rides in inflatable boats, beginning with early spring. The longest and the most spectacular ride on Bistrita valley is developed on a distance of 22 km during 3 hours up to Zugreni – Cheile Bistriței/ Bistrita Quays.


A kayak sits on the top ride is available near the pedestrian bridge that links the old centre of the town with the Central Park. If you are lucky enough to come here during the second half of July, you can be part of  Dorna Kayak Fest, an event organized by Mountain Rescue Vatra Dornei where you can see local people and tourists taking part into the contest. The kayak competition animates the whole resort at that time.  

INFOS: The activities are organized by Dorna Adventure
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Website: www.dorna-adventure.ro