Unfortunately, due to the pandemic situation, local events are not held at the moment. But nothing prevents us from dreaming of than comming back! Until then, may we bring you closer images and suggestions of activities that can be safely practiced within the ecotourism destination Tara Dornelor.

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Get to know the local traditions taking part in cultural, sports and educational events, organized here in Tara Dornelor, in many over 40 every year.

January 20 – World Snow Day – Vatra Dornei – Ski competitions

February 08-10 – World Sleigh Championship on natural track – Vatra Dornei

Date: 08-10 February
Where? In Vatra Dornei, on the slope sleigh “Bucovina”
Organizers: The World Sleigh Championship on natural track is organized by the Romanian Federation of Bob and Sleigh, in collaboration with the International Sleigh Federation, and on the local level is the Winter Sports Club Vatra Dornei, together with the City Hall and the Vatra Dornei Local Council.

Description: A world-class sporting competition that brings together the best healers in the world from countries with tradition in this sport, such as Austria, Italy, Russia, and more!

The World Sledding Championship in the Land of Dornelor takes place on the Bucovina slope, the only one in Eastern Europe that is internationally approved, with over 1,000 cubic meters of ice. The competition is all the more important since, in 2017, here was held the first World Senior Championship in Romania for winter sports. The beauty for the viewers is the discovery of a new sport, practiced at a professional level. In addition, for the participants in the event, the organizers organize shows and parties where fun is guaranteed.

February 15-17 – Snow Holidays – Vatra Dornei

Date: February 15-17
Where? Veverița ski slope, Vatra Dornei
Organizers: Vatra Dornei Town Hall and Local Council

Description: Event with tradition for spiders and their guests, which warms the atmosphere in the middle of winter with lively skiing and snowboarding competitions, themed competitions, such as cutting firewood, concerts and outdoor cultural-artistic events, fireworks, torches and beams that make the atmosphere an arsonist. Details about previous editions, on the event’s facebook page: @ serbarile.zapezii.dorna

March 02 – Householders’ Ball – Poiana Stampei

Description: The Ball of the Households is an event that marks, on the one hand, the entry into the Passover, but also the coming of spring. Within it are promoted the customs, traditions and the proud popular port of Poiana Stampei, especially the flower bundle. The gastronomic component is not lacking either, those present are spoiled with bucovina goodies that are “watered” abundantly with selected beverages such as plum, refined plum and refreshing liqueurs obtained from fruits. The ball manages, from year to year, to bring together more than 400 households from the Land of Thorns, but also from the neighboring counties, which, by the specificity of the event, are encouraged to take part in a true parade of the port of popular costumes. Popular music soloists and folk ensembles from Suceava county set the tone of the hours and the joy. And for the holiday to be complete, there are prizes for those who dress the popular port and pay the price of the entrance ticket.

02-03 March – Snow Fest – Cărlibaba Slope

Organizers: Cârlibaba City Hall and Local Council

Description: Maybe you wonder why in March? We tell you: because on Cârlibaba Slope the snow layer is generous and at the beginning of calendar spring. Thus, winter sports lovers have the ultimate opportunity to showcase their potential in alpine skiing, snowboarding or sledding competitions. Also, not forget those who are good at the chapter skill, courage and speed, the competitions to cut the wooden rounds with the saw, running in the bag, descending on the slope with the bag and passing through the gates, pulled with the rope, etc., animating the whole atmosphere of event. The show with slopes on the slope, the camp fires, the squirrels and the steamy dishes, delight the public, regardless of whims. And besides the snow in abundance, good music and boiled wine, on the Cârlibaba slope can also be used G-carts, the first ski carts on a slope in Romania.

March 08 – “Mărțișoare,mărțișoare” – Handmade exhibition – Vatra Dornei – White Hall, Plato Pardău Culture House

Organizers: Vatra Dornei City Hall – Platon Pardău Culture House Vatra Dornei

Description: Fair and exhibition of handmade trinkets, made by artists from the Land of Dornelor. Variety, authentic and beautiful, this can be found at this spring fair where martyrs are small works of art, which delight in originality, the quality of the execution and the quality of the materials used. Find out also that in Bukovina, the tradition is for gentlemen to receive martyrs, March 1, from the ladies. So do not be surprised if in the Land of Thorns you will meet men with martyrs trapped in the lapel of their clothes, proud to be the first to announce spring with this beautiful symbol. The ladies are spoiled and here the whole month, March 8, however, being the peak, with flowers, daisies and chocolate.

March 31 – The “Nichita in the month of March” County Festival – Poetry Festival – Vatra Dornei – White Hall, Plato Pardău Culture House

Organizers: Vatra Dornei City Hall – Platon Pardău Culture House Vatra Dornei

Description: Poetry festival addressed to students from the high school and high school cycle, dedicated to the work and life of the poet Nichita Stanescu.

April 14 – Painted Egss National Festival – The House of the Shoemakers from the village of Botos, Ciocănești commune

Organizers: Ciocănești City Hall and Local Council

Description: Within the program Easter in Bucovina, organized by the Suceava County Council and the Cultural Center of Bucovina, the National Festival of the Set Eggs from Ciocănești makes of song, set, weaving and story a true holiday, loved by locals, but especially by visitors, and strangers alike. They are delighted to discover at the seating, varnishes, thematic contests and artistic moments, the rural universe that still preserves the beauty of the craft, the egg-laying being emblematic for the commune of Ciocănești museum, which is in UNESCO’s heritage. In addition to the fair eggs set, at the festival, the youngest, students from secondary schools and high schools from all over the country compete in this craft. It is, in short, the perfect event for those who love popular traditions and customs.

April 21 – Painted Egss Exhibition –  Dorna Candrenillor and Vatra Dornei

Description: Exhibition of set eggs for sale that brings together the housewives of the commune, those who worked with craftsmanship to make the models found on the eggs be the unique and representative for the commune and the area they belong to. You must also know that in the Land of Thorns, the craft of egg laying has been preserved for over 100 years, being an inspiration for many of the handicrafts made here.

April 21-25 – Holy Thursday in Poiana Stampei

April 25 – Exhibition of laid eggs – Vatra Dornei – Luceafărului Street

April-May-June – The Caravan of Romanian Films – Vatra Dornei – Platon Pardău Culture House

Organizers: Voodoo Films production house, next to the National Center of Cinematography, Cinemascop and Vatra Dornei City Hall

Description: Weekly screenings of Romanian films. The Caravan “Days of Romanian Film”, a rejuvenating event, addressed to the general public consisting of weekly screenings of some of the newest Romanian film productions.

“Matei Vișniec” International Theater Festival – Vatra Dornei – House of Culture

Sheep Transhumance – Suhard Mounts in Ciocanesti

June 01 – International Children’s Day – Carnival “Children’s World” – Vatra Dornei – Municipal Park
June 15 – The Day of the Călimani National Park – The Visitation Center of the Călimani National Park – Șaru Dornei
June 15-16 – The Feast of Peony – Șaru Dornei
June 15 – Eternal Eminescu – Literary Symposium – Vatra Dornei – Municipal Park, House of Culture
June 24 – The Universal Day of the “Ie” / “Traditional Romanian Blouse”  – Vatra Dornei – Municipal Park
June 29 – Cârlibaba commune day – Cârlibaba
June 29 – Sewing Gathering/ Circle Festival – Panaci
June 30 – Day of the village Panaci – Panaci

July 5-7 – Bucovina Acoustic Park – Festival of folk, rock and jazz – Vatra Dornei – Municipal Park and House of Culture (first edition)
July 17-24 – The Days of Vatra Dornei – Vatra Dornei
July 17-29 – National Festival of Children’s Folklore Ensembles “Dorna, playground and song” – Vatra Dornei – Municipal Park
July 20 – Dorna Kayak Fest – 2nd edition – Vatra Dornei
July 27-28 – Dorna Akt – Vatra Dornei – Municipal Park – Art Festival (music, theater, plastic art, photography)
July 27-28 – “Dorna Flowers” Festival – Poiana Stampei

August 9-11 – The Movie Caravan Next “Picnic and cinema under the moonlight” – Vatra Dornei – Municipal Park
August 10 – HIT THE EGG – Vatra Dornei – Mountain Running Competition
August 17 – The Folklore Festival “Song of the Cetinii” – Dorna Arini
August 25 – Dorna Cadrenilor Commune Day – Dorna Candrenilor
August 25 – River Rafting Week – Ciocănești
August 31 – September 1 – The Forest Fruit Festival – Coșna

Breaking Sheepfolds / Sheep Farms – Ciocanesti

October 01 – International Music Day – Classical Music Show – Vatra Dornei – House of Culture
October 02 – “Ion Luca” Theatre Days Festival – Vatra Dornei, Culture House, Municipal Park, Pedestrian Bridge

November 08 – The Day of Poiana Stampei Village – the titular saint church celebration – Poiana Stampei

December 06 – The Carols Festival – Șaru Dornei
December 08 – National Carols Festival – Coșna
December 19 – Winter customs and traditions – Șaru Dornei
December 24 – Carols concert – Dorna Candrenilor
December 24 – Christmas customs and tradition show – Cosna
December 25 – “Holly Night of Christmas” Carol Festival – Poiana Stampei
December 27 – Winter customs and traditions festival – Dorna Arini
December 27 – Festival of Christmas carols, customs and traditions – Panaci
December 27 – Ancient Traditions Festival  – Ciocănești
December 27 – Christmas Show – Vatra Dornei – Vatra Dornei
December 29 – ”Porniti plugul,  feti frumosi” / “Start the Plough, Young Lads” – (Mask Parade) – in the centre of Vatra Dornei resort
December 31 – Outdoors New Year’s Eve Party – Vatra Dornei