Energize yourself hiking along the 420 km of mountain trails from Vatra Dornelor. It is an appealing opportunity to actively relax and get to know the area while observing nature on your own, properly equipped with a map and hiking outfit, guided by the host of the house or a local guide.

Suhard  (alt. Max. 1932 m) and Giumalău massifs (alt. Max. 1857 m) provide trails of easy and medium difficulty level; Giumalau has accommodation facilities (Giumalau Cabin).

Pietrosul Bistriţei Masif (alt. Max. 1793 m), with its rocky and steep mountainsides and a difference of level of 1000 meters is recommended only for the trained tourists.

Calimani Mountains with its steep peaks covered in pebbles and pinus mugo trees (alt. Max. 2100 m in  Pietrosul Peak) gives you the experience of hiking within a pristine frame, being both wild and mysterious. The most accessible way is 12 Apostles-Lucaciu peak ridge where more trails meet, one of them being the one from Gura Haitii where “The Thematic Path 12 Apostles” was designed.

Add on your hiking list the nordic walking trail situated in the Central Park of Vatra Dornei, on a length of 2 km and a difference of level of 39 m. Practising this sport for all ages will train your muscles and help you consume with more than 40% than regular walking, without putting pressure on your joints. For renting trekking sticks, specialized training and guidance in nordic walking address yourselves to Mountain Rescue Service from Vatra Dornei.



To explore the mountain trails in the area with a guide, you can contact:

Administration of the Călimani National Park, which has biologists, rangers with specialization and experience in the forest field, who can accompany you on the routes in the park and in the areas of the area, giving you specialized information.

Contact: Șaru Dornei nr. 54C, 0230 374 197

Service of Tourism Promotion and Development and Rescue Vatra Dornei

Contact:  Str. Gării nr. 2, 0230 372 767/ 0230 375 229 sau mobile 0744 332 378 /0726 686 687

With a relatively gentle ridge, covered by mountain and subalpine meadows, the Suhard Massif maintains an intense pastoral activity during the summer and offers, through its opening, spectacular views to the entire depression and to all the neighboring massifs: Bârgău, Rodna, Giumalău, Rarau, Pietros Bistrita and Călimani.



  • N and NV Thorn Depression


  • Main ridge – approx. 35 km; In the SE-NV direction follow one another: please. Runc (1149 m), please Ouşorul (1639 m), please. Pharaohs (1715 m), please. Omu (1932 m alt. Maximum), Rotunda Pass
  • Icoana Lake (Obcina Diecilor, blue strip route)
  • The “Holy Cross” (at the springs of the Recele stream, between Fărăoane Peak and Bârca Târşului)


There are no shelters or cabins


  • The main ridge route links Paso Rotunda to Vatra Dornei (47 km long)
  • The Carpathian bus (red band) ensures the connection with the Călimani Mountains through the Bârgăului Mountains
  • Several cross paths start to the ridge from localities located in valleys
  • Most braids have medium or low difficulty

Starting points:

Vatra Dornei, Dorna Candrenilor, Podu Coşnei, Iacobeni, Ciocăneşti, Cârlibaba, Paso Rotunda


Possible motorized access (Valea Bancului below Vf. Pharaohs) and on other forest roads up to the ridge (Ciotina)

Specific activities:

Hiking (with the possibility of overnight stay in the tent or skit), ski touring, paragliding, mountain-biking


Although there are numerous routes to the main ridge, most of them are unmarked