Horse riding


Horse riding in Ţara Dornelor includes quite varied opportunities for:

  • experienced riders;
  • occasional riders;
  • children and beginners.

Experienced riders looking for a real adventure can try end-to-end trails, which cover long distances and require overnight stops in shelters, tents or even in the open, under the stars!

In order to benefit from the warmth and comfort of a local guesthouse, out-and-back trails can be organised, which offer the possibility of visiting several different destinations in a tour of several days duration.

Those passionate about riding but with less time available or less experience, can choose recreational trails (short tours of less than one day) from riding centers in Vatra Dornei, Dorna Arini and Neagra Şarului.

Both for children and for those who have not yet tried this type of activity, there are opportunities of horse riding tours for beginners.


Călimani Mountain Ranger (Neagra Şarului)
Contact: Cătălin Ursache
Tel: +40 754.212.800


Călimani National Park Administration
Contact: Claudiu Petre
Tel: +40 733.006.938; +40 230.374.197