Domeniul Cailor – Bucovina awaits you to discover a world of beauty, power and mildness, along with the unique pair of Friesian horses, Peter and Viky. 

Place: Dorna Arini

Package holidays, at your choice: 

  1. Beginner equitation course 

Price: 50 lei/person

Duration: 30 minute/ session

  1. Manege horseback riding 

Price: 30.00 ron/person, for groups with more than 4 people

  1. Horse carriage ride 

Place: Pârâul Arinului

Price: 30.00 ron/person, for groups with a minimum of 4 people

Duration: about 40 minutes

  1. Horseback riding journey with Friesian horses 

Place: Pârâul Arinului

Price: 300 lei

Duration: more than 3 hours, according to your wishes. The offer is for a single person, on condition of being already initiated in horseback riding. 

Included services: Outdoors picnic with traditional food and riding equipment included! 

Notice: The details concerning the organization and development of the activities will be settled for each group.

Phone: 0744 571 889 

 A perfect day ends up with SPA 

Availability: permanently