Tourist information centers

At the beginning of your visit in Tara Dornelor, it is advisable to inform yourself concerning the possibilities of spending your free time in Vatra Dornei resort or the nine main villages that form up Tara Dornelor destination. In this respect you can address yourselves to the Tourist Information Centre and Mountain Rescue from Vatra Dornei and Visitors’ Centre of Calimani National Park from Șaru Dornei.

In these places you will find out information, presenting destination materials and maps for the main touristic trails for hiking, cycling touristic trails and points of sightseeing in the area. You can also get recommendations about trips, sport and cultural events in the area.

Details concerning the functioning hours of these centers, you can access the following contacts:

Promoting and Developing Tourism Service and Mount Rescue Vatra Dornei 

 Address: 2Garii street (the building of Hall of Culture), Vatra Dornei, Suceava county

Telephone: +40 230 372 767/+40 230 375 229

Mobile: +40 744 332 378/+40 726 686 687


Visitors’ Center of Calimani National Park 

Address: 54C Șaru Dornei village, Suceava county, C.P. 725700

Telephone/fax: +40 230 371 104/+40 230 374 197