The “Ţara Dornelor” Association for Ecotourism (AETD) is a partnership of the public and private sectors putting together local actors in Ţara Dornelor acting in the fields of tourism, nature conservation and local development.

Together with the ecotourism services network, AETD intends to develop a local network of stakeholders and decisional factors to facilitate the dialogue, consensus and cooperation required for efficient, unitary and coherent development of responsible tourism Ţara Dornelor. Such a partnership is essential to bringing the objectives of economic and social development in line with those of the landscape, natural resources and natural patrimony protection in Ţara Dornelor.

AETD regard such a partnership as a basic condition for the sustainable development of the area.


Legal entities:


  • Tour operators organising tourism programmes:
    • Călimani Mountain Rangers / Neagra Şarului Horse Riding Centre
  • Guesthouses:

In Vatra Dornei

    • Poiana Izvoarelor Guesthouse

In Dorna Arini:             

    •  Valea Dornelor Guesthouse
    •  Doru Muntelui Guesthouse

In Poiana Stampei

    • Casa Florea

In Şaru Dornei

    •  Perla Călimanilor Guesthouse, Gura Haitii
    •  Poarta Călimanilor Guesthouse, Gura Haitii


  • Ioniţă Alina
  • Ţăranu Cristian
  • Moraru Ioana
  • Iordache Mihaela
  • Ţarcă Mariana
  • Vleju Mihai
  • Vleju Mihai