• With a relatively gentle ridge rarely traversed by hikers maintains intense pastoral activity in summer and offers spectacular views towards all its neighbouring mountain ranges: Bârgău, Rodna Giumalău Rarău, Pietrosul Bistriței and Călimani.

    Location: North and North West of Depresiunea Dornelor


    • Main ridge – about 35 km; the succession of peaks SE-NW: vf. Runc (1149 m), vf. Oușorul (1639 m), vf. Fărăoane (1715 m), vf. Omu (1932 m – highest peak), Rotunda pass
    • Icoana Lake (Obcina Diecilor, blue stripe trail)
    • Schitul Sfânta Cruce / Hermitage Saint Cross (at the water source of Recele stream, between Vf. Fărăoane and Bâtca Târşului peaks)

    Accommodation: – (no lodges or shelters)


    • The main route on the ridge links Rotunda Pass to Vatra Dornei (length 47 km)
    • Carpathians main route (red stripe) provides the link to Călimani Mts through Bârgăului Mts
    • Several transversal routes lead to the ridge from the localities in the valley
    • Most routes are of medium or low difficulty

    Departure points: Vatra Dornei, Dorna Candrenilor, Podu Coşnei, Iacobeni, Ciocănești, Cârlibaba, Pasul Rotunda
    Access: motorized access is possible (from Valea Bancului – beneath Vf, Faraoane) and other forestry roads reaching close to the ridge (Ciotina)
    Specific activities: hiking (overnight in tent or at the hermitage), ski touring, paragliding, mountain-biking
    Remarks: there are a large number of trails towards the main ridge yet many of them are not marked
    Map: further information on trails as well as a map of the massif here.

  • With the massiveness of the main ridge covered by sub alpine meadows, dominates Bistriţa valley and the north eastern side of the depression. Giumalăul has an extensive network of tourist trails, at the same time being the most accessible mountain range in the area. Furthermore the Giumalău mountain lodge offers the possibility of overnight accommodation in this sub alpine region
    Location: North and North-East of Depresiunea Dornelor


    • vf. Giumalău (1856 m – highest peak),
    • Codrii Seculari Giumalău Reserve (SCI)
    • Giumalău Lodge (1641 m)
    • Gigi Ursu Lodge and Hermitage
    • Mestecăniş and Poiana Fierului Hermitages

    Accommodation: Giumalău Lodge (30 beds)
    Routes: further information on the routes here.
    Departure points: Vatra Dornei, Rusca, Cheile Zugrenilor
    Access: access by car or motorised access, via Rusca
    Specific activities: hiking (overnight accommodation in tents or at the lodge), ski touring, mountain-biking, escalade
    Map: a map of the massif here

  • A mysterious mountain explored by only a few hikers, descends steeply from its ridge into the Zugreni Gorge and offers a hiking experience in a wilderness almost untouched by human hands.

    Location: East of Depresiunea Dornelor


    • Main ridge: Cheile/Gorges Zugrenilor – vf. Bogolin (1748 m) – vf. Pietrosu Bistriţei (1791 m – highest peak)
    • Cheile/Gorges Zugrenilor
    • Piatra Tăieturii Hermitage

    Accommodation: – (no lodges or shelters)


    • the main ridge route makes the link the gorges Cheile Zugrenilor with Păltiniş Pass
    • transversal trails link the localities in Bistriţa valley (the W and E mountain sides)
    • high difficulty of the trail Cheile Zugrenilor – Vf. Pietrosul

    Departure points: Cozăneşti, Ortoaia, Rusca, Cheile Zugrenilor, Barnar, Crucea, Panaci, Păltiniş
    Access: car access to Piatra Tăieturii Hermitage via Panaci, Dorna Arini and Barnar
    Specific activities: hiking (short and difficult route, with overnight accommodation in tents or at the hermitage), nature observation
    Map: further rinformation on trails as well as a map of the massif here.

  • Călimani Mountains are featured by the presence of a huge geological structure. The vast horseshoe-shaped crater of the volcanic mountains of Calimani, has a diameter of approximately 10 km, being one of the largest in Europe. Its imposing ridge consists of several lofty peaks of over 2000 m. They are characterized by steep slopes in the north and large plateaus in the south, by huge areas forested areas and by sub alpine and alpine landscape.

    Location: South of Depresiunea Dornelor


    • the main ridge of the volcanic caldera and the main peaks: vf. Lucaciu (1770 m) – vf. 12 Apostoli (1760 m) –  vf. Pietrele Roşii (1705 m) – vf. Tihu (1852 m) – vf. Pietrosul (2100 m – highest peak) – vf. Negoiul Unguresc (2081 m) – vf. Călimani Izvor (2032 m) – vf. Călimaniul Cerbului (2013 m)
    • 12 Apostles reserve
    • Scientific reserve Molidiş with Pinus cembra
    • Lacul Iezer nature reserve (upper part of caldeira)
    • 12 Apostles Thematic Trail
    • Hermitage Apa Rece (near vf. Lucaciu)


    • Weather Station lodge or Reţitiş lodge;
    • Clearly marked camping areas within the Călimani National Park

    Departure points: Gura Haitii, Poiana Negri, Șaru Dornei, Vatra Dornei, Poiana Stampei, Dornişoara
    Acces: car access via Gura Haitii and Poiana Negri close to the main ridge (access restricted) or from Dornişoara
    Specific activities: equestrian tourism, hikes (no possibility for oernight accommodation in shelters or ridge lodges; unofficial possibility for accommodation in the meteo lodge Rețitiș), camping areas, ski touring
    Map: further information on trails as well as a map of the massif is here.