3 days in Ciocănești

Ciocănești Village is well- known in the world for its traditionally painted houses and the painted eggs, being the real proof that human can sanctify a place and the value of the traditional heritage must be kept and passed to the next generations. The beautiful patterns that embroider the houses have been taken from the traditional folk costumes and the painted eggs. Therefore, the village has turned into a genuine museum, unique in the country with over 600 households that race in beauty.

In the Ethnographic Museum, the tourists can see the old style of life of our ancestors who lived there hundreds of years ago. They can admire the old weaving looms, pots, tools, types of fabric and old traditional folk clothes. 

Painted Eggs Museum displays over 1800 very rare and valuable exhibits, some of them dating back 100 years. 

 A few days among Ciocanesti villagers, who are proud of the beauty of the place and beautiful customs will create an unforgettable experience for you. If we add a hiking activity and a dessert with the taste of your childhood to the impressive lesson of tradition and culture, you will get the perfect escape vacation.

  • Day 1 – Guided tour to the local museums

–        Visit the Painted Eggs Museum

–        Painting eggs lesson – at the end of it everyone is able to paint an egg and may take home their creation: the painted egg 

–        Visit the Ethnographic Museum 

  • Day 2

–        Hiking on Ciocănești-Pârâul Recele-vărful Faraoane(1715 m) trail, along with a guide( difficulty level: easy and medium )

–        Tasting ‘goodies’ at a traditional sheep farm 

Duration of the hiking trail: 7-8 Hours, including the returning journey

  • Day 3

–        Picking up mushrooms and wild berries 

We advise you to get accommodated in one of the pensions in Ciocănești.           

Package price: starting from 50 lei/person (depending on the number of people)

Included services: hiking, cheese tasting on a sheep farm, museums fee, painting eggs lesson 

Number of participants for the first two days: a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 12 

 Notice: The details concerning the organization and development of the activities will be settled for each group: 0744 571 889