Hiking is a good opportunity for active relaxation, for getting acquainted with the area, and for observing nature. Whether you are in Vatra Dornei or in any other village in the area, you can choose to spend a few hours or a few days exploring the mountains. If you are suitably equipped and have a good map you can venture alone. Otherwise you can be guided by your guesthouse host, or you can call one of the local guides who will lead you on mountain trails and will share stories and secrets that never lose their charm and uniqueness.


Most easily accessible in the area are the Suhard (max. altitude 1932 m) and Giumalău (max. altitude 1857 m) massifs, which generally offer trails of easy to medium level of difficulty. Giumalău has facilities for overnight accommodation at the Giumalău cabana (chalet). Much wilder and more imposing is the Pietrosul Bistriței massif (max. altitude 1793 m), whose steep and rocky sides, with a difference in level of more than 1000 m, are especially recommended for fit hikers.

The Călimani Mountains are characterized by steep slopes covered with scree and thickets of Mountain Pine, and extensive plateaus and ridges covered with dense forests, often penetrated by towers and walls of volcanic conglomerates. With a maximum altitude of 2100m at Mt. Pietrosul, the Călimani offer hiking trails in an almost untouched landscape – wild and mysterious. Most accessible is the 12 Apostles – Lucaciu ridge, on which a number of other trails converge. Amongst these is the route from Gura Haitii that has been established as the 12 Apostles Thematic Trail.

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