Vatra Dornei

Previously known as Pearl of BucovinaVatra Dornei still keeps its importance in the region, representing the bond between Ardeal and Moldova regions and the perfect escape for active tourism practice, either spa or cultural, no matter of the season.

The green land of mineral water

The story of the mineral water with its therapeutically well-known characteristics from Țara Dornelor begins in 1806 when doctor Ignatz Pluschit performs a few tests on the mineral water in Vatra Dornei, thus, managing to prove the excellent curative qualities of this water. Vatra Dornei provides natural therapeutic factors of the gassy water rich in calcium, magnesium and sulphur.

Taste and tame your thirst with pure water!

The bottle-filling of the mineral water sector is well-developed in Țara Dornelor, being represented by famous brands, namely: Dorna, Bucovina, Poiana Negri, Aqua Carpatica, Stanceni – all of them having their springs from Călimani Mountains.

Strolls in the Town Park for a friendly meeting with Mariana, the well-known squirrel that eats from your palm!

Here, one can notice and discover exciting things!

Ethnographic Museum and Natural Science and Hunting Museum

The Hall of Culture “Platon Pardau” – the host of the most important local events such as art exhibitions, reading and debate clubs, film projections, theatre performances etc.

Historical monument buildings of architectural value (mineral water spring “Sentinela”, The Casino, Resort Train Station and Central Train Station, The Town Hall, The Synagogue from Luceafarului street and The Big Temple)

The local legend of the former “ Vatra Dorinei”

Who Vasile Deac was and the role he played in the modern transformation of the resort town.

You can adventure here while relaxing!

Winter sports, spa treatments, hiking trips.

Admiring the view of Dorna Depression, Rodnei and Călimani mountains riding relaxed on the chairlift during a 25-minute trip on a length of 3 km from Vatra Dornei to Dealu Negru, at an altitude of 1301 m – Diecilor Peak.

The chairlift goes up and down from Monday to Sunday, between 10.00 and 16.00, for a minimum of 10 people. The last chairlift is at 16.00! For details call – 0744 587 537 or on 48 Negrești Street, Vatra Dornei

For pool or sauna relaxation we recommend:

Telescaun în Vatra Dornei