Winter offer


Throughout the winter, Ţara Dornelor offers you the possibility of practicing various winter sports: ski touring, downhill skiing, ice climbing, skating, as well as tours by horse-drawn sleigh. For ski touring, you can choose trails with varying degrees of difficulty in the Suhard, Giumalău and Călimani Mountains.

You can choose short tours, of 3 – 4 hours, in the area surrounding Vatra Dornei, or more complicated tours in the mountains. For ski touring it is advisable to seek the services of a specialized guide to ensure your safety. Ski touring can be organised with out-and-back trails, staying in a comfortable local guesthouse or camping in extreme conditions.

Ski touring enthusiasts must provide their own equipment.

One of the classic trails for ski touring is the ridge of the Suhard Mountains. It is a relatively safe route as regards avalanches, with a low degree of difficulty, that offers exceptional views over its whole distance.

When the temperature allows, usually in the period from December to February, you can practice ice climbing in the Zugrenilor Gorge (some 18 km downstream from Vatra Dornei). In addition to the already well known downhill ski slopes in Vatra Dornei, two other shorter and less congested slopes have been constructed in Neagra Șarului and Cârlibaba, and equipped with ski lifts. Instruction in skiing techniques is available, with the help of specialized local instructors.

In Vatra Dornei, in the Dealul Runc area, on the ”Drumul Tătarilor” (Tartar Road), as well as in the Neagra Șarului – Gura Haitii area in the foothills of the Călimani Mountains, you can spend several hours enjoying the enchanting winter views from a horse-drawn sleigh. At the end of such a trip, you will be ready to sample some mulled wine and bilberry liqueur, with barbecued sausages and bacon.

On special request, routes for cross-country skiing can be arranged – in Vatra Dornei or in the Șarul Dornei area. At the foot of the Vatra Dornei ski slopes there are a number of hire centers for downhill skiing equipment.