Rediscover the joy of childhood within the white land of Tara Dornelor! 

The place wherein the evening, the stories are told nursing the fire, after a long day out in the snow! In Tara Dornelor you can choose from a wide range of involving sports: cross-country skiing, alpine skiing and snowboarding, sleigh, bobsleigh and skeleton bob, ice climbing, snow tubing and skating. The destination provides five homologated ski slopes, Dealu Negru Ski Slope being the second in the country, in terms of length (3.200 m) and a natural sleigh bob track, the only one that is homologated in the South-East of Europe.

“Veverita” Ski Slope:

  • Access: from Parcului Street or from “Parc 2” Ski Slope
  • Length: 800 m
  • Level difference: 180 m
  • Facilities: ski lift, artificial snow machines, artificial night light
  • Level of difficulty: medium

“Dealu Negru” Ski Slope: 

  • Access: from Chairlift Vatra Dornei, on Negresti street to the highest point of the hill (1.300 m)
  • Length: 3200 m (the second-longest in the country)
  • Level difference: 400 m
  • Facilities: cable transportation system such as chairlift and 2 baby ski lifts
  • Level of difficulty: medium

”Parc” Ski Slope:

  • Access: From Vatra Dornei centre, near the Central Park
  • Length: 900 m
  • Level difference: 150 m
  • Facilities: 2 ski lift cable installations and one baby sky lift
  • Level of difficulty: medium

”Carlibaba” Ski Slope:

  •  Access: By car from Vatra Dornei direction, on E58 European Road, and when exiting Iacobeni village turn left on DN18 to Borsa direction. One can travel either by bus or by train
  • Length: 1100 m
  • Level difference: 207 m
  • Facilities: a chairlift with a capacity of 410 people per hour
  • Level of difficulty: medium

”Mestecanis” Ski Slope:

  • Access: By car on E576 road Suceava- Campulung Moldovenesc – Mestecanis – Vatra Dornei. One can access the area either by bus or by train
  • Length: 800 m
  • Level difference: 140 m
  • Facilities: 2 chair lift systems
  • Level of difficulty: track A: natural slope, track B: medium; track C: medium; track D: difficult