Zip-line+climbing on artificial climbing board+kayak

  • Place: centre of Vatra Dornei resort
  • Schedule: 2 zip-line rides, 4 climbing sessions onboard and 30 minutes of sailing on a kayak 

Length of zip-line: 160 m. The launching point from a pole with a height of 15 meters  (the same with the height of a 5 floor block of flats).

The climbing board: 10 m in height with artificial holds.

  • Number of participants: minimum 6 and maximum of 40 people
  • Necessary equipment: comfortable clothes (extra clothes to change), sports footwear 
  • Included services: kayaks, safety vests, protection helmets and guide
  • Price: from 40 lei/person. 

Notice: Details concerning the organization and developing of the activity will be settled the very moment of booking.

Phone: 0744 571 889