The zip-line gives you the adrenaline for heights, on a distance of 160 meters, right in the centre of Vatra Dornei resort, above the pedestrian bridge that crosses Dorna river.


Mountain climbing, in Rarău Massif; being near Tara Dornelor there are more climbing areas there: 

  • Cotețului Wall with 23 designed trails;
  • Piatra Șoimului with 19 designed trails;
  • Pietrele Doamnei – Piatra Mare with five designed trails;
  • Pietrele Doamnei – Umărul Pietrei Mari with three designed trails;

The trails range in difficulty, both for the beginners who discover the rock for the first time and those experienced who are already used to the smallest holds.

Information and boking – Mountain Rescue Service Vatra Dornei 

2 Gării street (Hall of Culture building)

Phone: 0230 372 767/0230 375 229

Mobile: 0744 332 378/0726 686 687


As a tourist or skier, admire Dornelor depression in its splendour, Rodnei and Calimani Mountains, on a 25-minute ride on the chairlift along a 3 km distance, from Vatra Dornei to Dealu Negru, at an altitude of 1301 m – Diecilor Peak.


Functioning hours: From Monday to Sunday, between 10.00 a.m. – 16.00 p.m, for a minimum of 10 people. The last ride is at 16.00!
Details: 0744 587 537 or on 48 Negrești street, Vatra Dornei.