About us

The “Ţara Dornelor” Ecotourism Association (AETD) was born of a desire to promote and support those who contribute to the development of quality tourism, offering tourists an authentic experience in the area, and demonstrate responsibility towards nature and the traditional cultural values of Ţara Dornelor.

The association brings together representatives of the public and private sectors in the field of tourism, nature protection and public administration in the area: tourism service providers (guesthouses and tour-operators), Vatra Dornei Mountain Rescue Service, Călimani National Park Administration, Șaru Dornei Town Hall, as well as individuals.

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Horse riding
Those passionate about riding but with less time available or less experience, can choose recreational trails (short tours of less than one day) from riding centers in Vatra Dornei, Dorna Arini and Neagra Şarului.

River rafting
The River Bistriţa is one of the few rivers in the country that offer the right conditions for this activity, the sections suitable for this sport reaching grade 3 of difficulty on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 as the most difficult).

Ski touring
For ski touring, you can choose trails with varying degrees of difficulty in the Suhard, Giumalău and Călimani Mountains. You can choose short tours, of 3 – 4 hours, in the area surrounding Vatra Dornei, or more complicated tours in the mountains.

Mountain biking and cycle tours
If you’re on vacation or holiday in Ţara Dornelor you can choose to spend several hours, a full day, or your whole holiday, by bicycle. You may venture on forest roads and trails, breathing fresh air, accompanied by the humming of swift forest streams.



The Ecotourism is a form of tourism in which the tourist has the opportunity to observe, to appreciate, and to understand the nature and local traditions of the area visited, using local services, actively supporting nature conservation initiatives, and participating in tourism programmes of exceptional quality and professionalism. read more

Călimani Mountains are featured by the presence of a huge geological structure. The vast horseshoe-shaped crater of the volcanic mountains of Călimani, has a diameter of approximately 10 km, being one of the largest in Europe. Its imposing ridge consists of several lofty peaks of over 2000 m. They are characterized by steep slopes in the north and large plateaus in the south, by huge areas forested areas and by sub alpine and alpine landscape. read more

We invite you on a virtual tour of the Park! (.pdf presentation – 12.1 Mb)