You are an active person and want to spend your time with your friends or intend to plan a relaxing holiday in nature? In Tara Dornelor there is always something to do, no matter if it is summer or winter!

Accommodation & Meal

Either you book your holiday in the land of mineral water, or pass through the area you should taste the authentic dishes that are representative of this authentic place. Here are the venues (hotels, pensions, restaurants etc) that we recommend to you.  


Marathons, festivals and lots of good cheer are waiting for you in Tara Dornelor, all year round. Check the event calendar!

Cycling tourism

Tara Dornelor is the ideal place where you can merge the outdoors activities with the pleasure of being in nature and observing an authentic traditional way of living. 

River Rafting

Especially in spring on Bistrita or Dorna rivers, you can discover the old habit of river rafting from another perspective.

Horseback Riding

Tara Dornelor provides the possibility of equestrian tourism. One may choose the beginner training course and easy ridings, or the horseback rode journeys along the peaks for more experienced ones.


Energize yourself walking on the marked trails from the mountain massifs. The 420 km of mountain trails will guide you through the most beautiful places to get to know the area and watch nature while relaxing.

Take a virtual tour of Calimani National Park!

You guide in planning a perfect holiday through the mineral water kingdom, Tara Dornelor.

It is that kind of area where, if you get, wherever you turn around even with 360 degrees, you are likely and willing to take at least a mental picture, to keep it as memory because such winter sights…maybe in storybooks… an old cottage on a hill, there a few fir trees…….yes, yes…we have. Fantastic! Come here all winter round because it is mesmerizing in  Bucovina, Poiana Negri, on such weather like this. Thank you!
Nea Georgică
local citizen


Promoting and Developing Tourism Service and Mountain Rescue  Vatra Dornei

+40 (0)744 332 378
+40 (0)726 686 687

Calimani National Park Administration

+40 230 374 197

Dorna Ecoactiv
(Mount Rescue Dorna Arini)

+ 40 (0)751 040.524

To safely make any of the hiking mountain trails in the area you need a specialized guide or guidance in planning a free time activity in Tara Dornelor. To this extent, you can access to the LIST OF GUIDES! 


Ecotourism means a responsible attitude concerning the natural and cultural values of an area, both from the visitors’ side and those who organize these economic activities.

Calimani National Park

In Tara Dornelor, Calimani National Park stands out by the presence of a giant volcanic caldera with an average diameter of 10 km, being one of the largest in Europe. In a unique wild frame of astonishing beauty, you can admire and discover a variety of plant and animal species that live here, in the core of the mountains.  

The Ecotourism Association Tara Dornelor

The establishement

The Ecotourism Association ”Tara Dornelor” (AETD) was set up as a result of promoting those, who by their activity  contribute to a quality tourism, offering to the guests an authentic experience with touristic products that integrate and support the local resources and prove responsibility towards nature, cultural and traditional values of Vatra Dornei.


AETD members form a local net of products and services under the logo of The Association (distinctive sign for the ecotouristic products of Tara Dornelor net). Our members are selected by some criteria that intend to assure the guaranty of the ecotouristic products. Some of these members are certified as ecotouristic products through the certification centre EcoRomânia, of The Ecotourism Association of Romania.


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